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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Road to Recovery

So I said I'd come back to blogging & then I didn't...well sometimes the road to recovery is like that...sorry!

Having found myself pretty near rock-bottom recently, I have pulled back from the brink of having a major wibble.  Why do I always say to myself this year is going to be big, this year will be better than last year?  Well so far this year has been pretty rubbish.  The post Christmas lull was made worse by snow, more snow, sick children, more snow, sick children & then inevitably a very run down sick me.  I've had an awful bug which felt like flu, with a large dose of nausea, & finally a cough so bad I kept throwing up.  Having spent a week in bed I had to look for the silver lining, in this case I seem to be a dress size smaller & my caffeine dependancy is zero.

Receently I've been studying Beauty Therapy at a fantastic private college in Norwich, the snow/illness combo has led to me becoming pretty behind with my studies.  I'm fortunate to have an amazing tutor & principal who have both supported me but when push came to shove I felt unable to carry on juggling my course with everything else & the pressure I put on myself about being behind with my work.  I'm having a rest so I can get better gradually, finish my studies later on in the year & I am so grateful to my principal for being so wonderful.  It's a bit of a lightbulb moment for me really as I can't recall ever having "stopped" myself from having a big wibble & although initially I was panicking & worrying about how I was going to possibly fit everything in & pass my exams, I can honestly say I feel no guilt in taking a break. 

Some might think why put off what you can do today - but they're missing the point.  My happiness is the cornerstone of our family - so if Mama needs to stop & take stock so be it.  In the meantime I get to spend some quality time with my boys & make the most of the next few months before my youngest starts school.  I can't believe our baby is going to be 4 in a few weeks! 

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