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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happiness comes to those who...

wait, very patiently, for a very long time...

I have a very good reason for being super happy - I love my boys to bits but those close to me will know that I have always wanted a girl.  I didn't earn the nickname Lady Penelope by wearing jogging bottoms and a hoody, always a girly a girl deep down I have longed for the pink hole in my heart to be filled.

My husband would have another baby in an instant and I've never said never but it's definitely not the right time for me at the moment (although having turned 30 this year my body clock is ticking).  I have however wanted a dog ever since I got over the passing of my childhood companion Belle.  Belle was just amazing and I loved her so much.  There is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a dog, especially when you're a child.  She was bred on the Sandringham Estate with a hefty pedigree and the prestigious Drakeshead in her lineage.  However what do you do with a gunshy Labrador bred for working?  We believe she had her first home in the North of England living with a family with small children but the mother found it hard to cope with her so wanted to rehome her.  My Uncle came to hear about her needing a new home and thought of my parents as we had recently lost our Golden Retriever "Honey." 

Belle was 6 months old when my Uncle brought her to us.  She was impeccably housetrained but aswell as being gunshy she was afraid of loud bangs, fireworks, people with hats and the sound of rain hitting the house.  But she was loyal, intelligent, very loving and did a brilliant job of keeping my Mum & I company (along with barking at anything/anyone that came near the house) as my Father was often working away.  We always used to say she should have been a Golden Retriever because she acted so blonde.  She loved it when we got the hose/sprinkler out, she would go crazy and try to bite it whilst running in circles round the garden.  She would stand at the window when Dad was away waiting to greet him when he came back.  Best of all if ever I was upset, there was nothing she couldn't make go away with a doggy cuddle & I would nuzzle her head and stroke her silky ears. 

I've been asking my husband if we could have a dog for YEARS!  He never had the pleasure of having a pet when he was growing up so there was no way he could relate to what I was missing.  Well all my hard work has paid off & he finally agreed earlier this year.  I didn't wear him down until he said yes, he had to want it too otherwise he would just resent it & I needed him to be on board when it came to looking after it too.  After hours of searching on the internet we went to visit a few breeders, none of which suited us or carried out the health tests we needed them to.  We had just about given up hope of finding THE one when I came across an advert for a breeder in Suffolk.  The set-up was perfect, he wasn't pushy (& didn't want us to choose one at 1 week old) & very experienced.  He carried out all the required health tests & ticked all of our boxes.  Well when he showed us the puppies available one stood out from the rest - it was love at first sight.

I waited a very long time & I am one excited Mama.  I'm not the only one, hubby is very excited too - infact I've never seen him so pro-active & carrying out so much DIY in such a short space of time.  The boys can't wait either.

This is little pink princess comes home in 7 days & I can't wait.  It's going to be hard work but well worth it!

Beulah  at 6 weeks

Monday, 17 June 2013

Points mean Prizes!

After a pretty horrendous weekend dealing with my son's behaviour I put my thinking cap on.

We've introduced the traffic light system at home which they use in school.  The boys have been asking me to do it for a long time but I wasn't sure how to make it work.  After this week though I thought I would just have a go & wing it.  I printed the traffic lights off so they could take ownership of them & colour them in.  They have taken to it very quickly & really do not like their name being on red. 

Then we had the mother of all tantrums - I'm not sure what caused it other than being given warnings, consequences & not getting his own way.  One of my friends has started giving her son pocket money which I have been considering doing for a while.  Then I had an idea!......

The housepoint shop...

The boys have gone crazy over it so here's hoping it will work.  Housepoints are rewarded for various things, showing kindness, being helpful, doing little jobs (emptying the dishwashers cutlery basket) & good behaviour. 

10 points loosely equates to £1 so I went to Poundland & the charity shop & picked up a few things...

In the box....
20 - Usborne lift the flap book (charity shop)
20 - Veggie tales DVD (charity shop)
10 - Smurf magic painting book
10 - Olympics diecast car (two of them)
10 - whoopee cushion (youngest has his eye on that already)
10 - Star Wars Fighter Pod (eldest collects these)
3 - some naturally flavoured, low sugar sweets
3 - a Kinder Bueno

Fingers crossed! I'll let you know it goes :-)