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Monday, 17 June 2013

Points mean Prizes!

After a pretty horrendous weekend dealing with my son's behaviour I put my thinking cap on.

We've introduced the traffic light system at home which they use in school.  The boys have been asking me to do it for a long time but I wasn't sure how to make it work.  After this week though I thought I would just have a go & wing it.  I printed the traffic lights off so they could take ownership of them & colour them in.  They have taken to it very quickly & really do not like their name being on red. 

Then we had the mother of all tantrums - I'm not sure what caused it other than being given warnings, consequences & not getting his own way.  One of my friends has started giving her son pocket money which I have been considering doing for a while.  Then I had an idea!......

The housepoint shop...

The boys have gone crazy over it so here's hoping it will work.  Housepoints are rewarded for various things, showing kindness, being helpful, doing little jobs (emptying the dishwashers cutlery basket) & good behaviour. 

10 points loosely equates to £1 so I went to Poundland & the charity shop & picked up a few things...

In the box....
20 - Usborne lift the flap book (charity shop)
20 - Veggie tales DVD (charity shop)
10 - Smurf magic painting book
10 - Olympics diecast car (two of them)
10 - whoopee cushion (youngest has his eye on that already)
10 - Star Wars Fighter Pod (eldest collects these)
3 - some naturally flavoured, low sugar sweets
3 - a Kinder Bueno

Fingers crossed! I'll let you know it goes :-)

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