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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Busy Mamas need H2O

If like me you find it hard to drink water (eeeurgh yuck boring), or even to find a chance to sit down & have a drink of any kind try making it a bit more exciting. Kids will love to help make it & drink it too!

Apple Mint Cooler

Fill a jug with water until 1/2 full with water
Add a 1/4 of a jug of apple juice
Take a sprig of mint (freshly picked from the garden if possible), bash with the side of your hand & pop in the jug.
Cut a lime in half, add a slice to the jug & add the squeezed juice from the remaining lime to the jug.
Fill to the top with ice & enjoy!

You could use different citrus fruit, juices & herbs.

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